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Novell Client 2 SP2 for Windows (IR5)

New fixes included in the Novell Client 2 SP2 for Windows (IR5):
1. "Computer Only Logon If Not Connected" sometimes engages even when workstation is connected. (Bug 785325)
2. NWTRAY.EXE process can crash when login script REGREAD command encounters registry value with zero bytes of data. (Bug 785138)
3. LDAP Contextless Login setting for "Search Alias Objects" not "On" by default as shown in Novell Client Properties. (Bug 780458)
4. Moving currently-open document files can appear successful but have unexpected results. (Bug 777265)
5. Permit "Computer Only Logon If Not Connected" feature to be used with "Login with Non-Novell Credential Provider". (Bug 777196)
6. ZENworks Full Disk Encryption Pre-Boot Authentication Single Sign-On fails with Novell Client 2 SP2 (IR2) and later. (Bug 773469)
7. Attempting to un-install the Novell Client with a non-Administrators can result in infinite SETUPNC.EXE re-spawning. (Bug 772618)
8. Running eDirectory login scripts may prompt user to login again if system login profile has a different context specified. (Bug 772278)
9. eDirectory Trustee Rights display in Windows Explorer shell extenstion is slow for containers with many user objects. (Bug 770920)
10. Novell Client drive mapping is not sharable between elevated and non-elevated Windows UAC sessions even when "EnableLinkedConnections" is enabled. (Bug 767851)
11. Potential kernel memory corruption or bugcheck when deleting or enumerating files with non-Latin Unicode characters. (Bug 767735)
12. NWGetPathFromDirectoryBase XPLAT API is not returning UTF-8 path name. (Bug 767012)
13. NWIntMoveDirEntry XPLAT API does not support UTF-8 format. (Bug 765872)
14. NWScanOpenFilesByConn2 XPLAT API is not returning utf-8 name. (Bug 765871)
15. eDirectory login scripts can fail to execute when "Clear Connections" is enabled and selected. (Bug 759421)