SMT Command Line Administration

This is a script designed to allow some of the

Create iPrint Printers From a CSV File

The Create Printers From CSV script was designed to allow administrators to be able to create

total size of group of files selected with 'find'

find /var/log/ -name 'apps*' -exec du '{}' \; | awk '{total+=$1} END {print total/1024" MB"}'

execute su -c command over ssh

ssh -t -l remote-user host "su -l root -s /bin/bash -c 'aptitude update; aptitude dist-upgrade ; aptitude clean'"

postfixadmin: Invalid query: Unknown column 'local_part' in 'field list'

Ha a postfixadmin update.php futtatása sem segít:

mysql -u root -p
USE postfix;
ALTER TABLE mailbox ADD local_part VARCHAR(255) NOT NULL DEFAULT '';
UPDATE mailbox SET local_part = substring_index(username, '@', 1);

Zabbix-agent install to SLES

SLES 11.1
wget rpm --import repomd.xml.key; zypper ar -t rpm-md -f Monitoring; zypper in zabbix-agent
/etc/init.d/zabbix-agent start


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